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Iron and Steel Products LLC

Our company, Iron and Steel Products LLC, is active in steel e-commerce, marketing (e.g. market research) and business services. The LLC is looking for trainees with home office.


General requirements:

  • Diplosion in trade, economics or social sciences.
  •  At least one intermediate English examination.
  • Suitable home office environment with a computer.
  •  Mastery of Italian and/or German is a plus, but not compulsory.


What we offer:

  • Possibility of full-time or part-time traineeships.
  •  Flexible and predictable working hours and working hours.
  •  You can work comfortably, completely from your home office.
  • Experience in an e-commerce, marketing and business services company.
  •  In case of good performance at work, after the internship, additional employment opportunities or a letter of recommendation to apply for other jobs.

The company is in Hungary.



  •  Assistance, collection of information.
  •  Compile Excel compilation of quotations and other data.
  • Communication with colleagues and partners, e.g. by e-mail, chat and video call.
  • Other administrations, e.g. customer relations, market research.


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